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My account

How do I implement Tailbee?

It is as easy as installing a Wordpress plugin granting us read-only access to your Google Analytics data. We will then automatically populate all your reports on a regular basis.

Can Tailbee track more than blog articles?

Tailbee is a focused content marketing analytics tool and will only work effectivly for blog post type pages. We recommend you use it in conjunction with a website analytics tool.

Can I re-active a cancelled account?

Yes. If you accidentally cancel your account, or decided to come back to Tailbee after few a months, you can still log into your account and reinstate it.

Billing & pricing

What are my payment options?

We will email an invoice requesting payment once a month. Payment via credit card is coming soon. Discounted annual payment options are also available. Contact us for rates. All payments are charged in Euro.

Any contracts or commitments?

Tailbee is a month to month service. No contracts, no commitments. Cancel anytime. After your free trial you'll be asked to pick a plan and enter your payment info.

Can I change plans?

You can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time (even during your trial). Pick the plan that seems like the best fit and try it out. You can always change your mind later.


Can I request a feature?

Yes! Any idea you have to improve our product, please contact us and share them.

Do you offer an API?

Not yet. API development is definitely on the roadmap, but we don't have any definitive release or technical information at this time.

Can I exclude myself from being counted in reports?

Not yet, but we are working on a solution.

How we keep your data private, secure and backed up.

We understand how important the privacy and security of your data and credit cards are to you. We've put a variety of measures in place to protect them from accident or attack.

We will never give, rent or sell access to your data to anyone else, nor will we make use of it ourselves for any purpose other than to provide you with our service. Read our full privacy policy for more details.

Our databases are protected by access restrictions, and key information (including your password) is encrypted when stored.

Your data is constantly backed up, meaning in the event of any significant failure we can instantly switch to this live backup without any data loss.

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