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Improve your content marketing performance with our advanced blog mertics tool. Access actionable reports and personalised tips from SEO experts.

In-depth article reporting

Track the success of your articles over time with our advanced blog analytics. Go beyond the basics to cover a range of actionable metrics including on-page user behaviour, inbound links, social interactions and conversions. Extremely useful for monitoring both short-term viral and long-term evergreen content.

Author performance evaluation

For blogs with multiple contributors, you can track each author separately to highlight editorial success. See which authors best engage their audience or who effectively optimizes posts for search. A great way tool to identify powerful guest writers or evaluate freelancers.



Tailored SEO advice for every article

Starting with your natural reader-focused content, Tailbee suggests ways to tweak your blog article to be more SEO friendly for your chosen keywords.

See how you’re going with a glance at your SEO score, based on key search engine optimization metrics.

Our SEO tips range from beginners to advanced, so no matter what level, you can learn on the go as you blog.

Focus your social efforts

Find out which social network your readers engage with the most. Use this information to effectively target your social media efforts, expand your reach and maximize ROI.

Identify at a glance:

  • Articles with the most social interaction
  • Authors who write highly engaging or viral content
  • Intent which bring the most business value


Organized keyword targeting index

Easily scan one master list showing which keywords were optimized for which article, how prominently they appeal to search engines and their performance metrics over time. Mapping keyword targets helps you avoid keyword cannibalization and refine keyword optimization efforts.

Evaluate your link bait impact

Tailbee hunts down inbound links to your blog articles and tracks how referral visitors engage with your content. To ensure a healthy link profile, you can also assign a link anchor type - branded, keyword, generic or image.



Discover topics that matter

Group your articles into intents to assess which types of posts have the biggest impact and how others could be improved. Helping to shape your content strategy, make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

Intuitive article optimisation

Post time optimisation

Discover the best day of the week to publish articles based on your goals, whether it be visitors, social engagement, link building or conversions.

Article length and media mix analysis

Find out which word length and in-article content (including lists, images and videos) helps you to engage your audience.



Notes Functionality

Record when you do something noteworthy. Very handy when collaborating with a team.


Period Filters

Easily filter metrics by month, week, day or even down to the hour for precise analysis.


Post Frequency

See how publishing more or less articles a month impacts performance metrics.

Increase visitor engagement and enjoy higher conversion rates.

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