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How to optimize blog post header tags

Posted on 16 Aug 2013 to SEO Guides by Jes Stiles




What are H1 - H6 tags? How should I use them in my SEO efforts? Do they improve readability? These questions and more are answered in our in-depth explanation of header tags.

6 fatal mistakes of using images in blog posts

Posted on 31 Aug 2013 to Content Marketing & Blogging by Jes Stiles




Adding images to blog posts does more than just beautifying your article. You’re grabbing your readers attention and breaking up content. But it’s not only the inclusion of images that is important, it is also the way in which you do it. Here we take a look at how to avoid the most common mistakes.

An Introduction to Content Marketing

Posted on 24 Jun 2013 to Content Marketing & Blogging by Jes Stiles




We take a look at a content marketing - a strategic and focused marketing approach. One that is designed to lift your brand above the noise and offer your customers an engaging experience. No matter your industry, business size or budget.

Content marketing conferences and events to attend in 2013

Posted on 28 Jun 2013 to Resources & Reviews by Jes Stiles




A list of the must attend online marketing conferences and events for 2013. Including conference dates, locations, featured speakers and prices.

Keyword Cannibalization - Are you devouring your own SEO efforts?

Posted on 26 Jun 2013 to SEO Guides by Jes Stiles




Many content marketers have the right idea, a desire to create keyword focused content in order to boost SEO traffic and link worthiness. But sometimes they haven’t really thought the whole ‘implementation’ thing through.

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