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Advanced blog analytics

In-depth reporting tracks blog performance metrics over time.


Author evaluation

Effortlessly track authors separately to highlight editorial success.


Article optimisation

Tailored SEO tips and best practice pointers for every article.


Social tracking

Monitor the social side of your blog, including shares and comments.

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What can tailbee do for my blog?


Content optimization is a bitch

You want to optimize your blog to get more readers, social shares, inbound links and converisons. But regular analytics tools present sitewide performance metrics and drilling down to the content marketing information you need is not always easy (or even possible).

Tracking the performance of keywords, links and social engagement for each articles is needlessly time consuming. And learning what types of content work best requires hours in Excel.


Easy to use content marketing analytics

Analyse your content curation efforts on a granular level. Quickly find and compare the performance of content pieces and their authors. See at a glance the goal of the article, what keywords it was targeting and how it has performed over time. Then deep dive into specific articles for optimization advice.

Tailbee gives a complete view of your content marketing efforts, including visitor behaviour, socail activity, inbound links and conversions. Helping you learn what kinds of content drive value and build a loyal following.

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Our rock-solid infrastructure and regular backups of all your data means we have always got your covered.


Secuity is our priority. Our databases are protected by access restrictions and key information encrypted.


Companies from around the world rely on Tailbee to track and help optimize their blog.

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Our knowledgable customer service team is available by phone and email. Solving most issues within 24 hours.

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